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Cumberland County Container Sites available to Eastover Residents. PLEASE BE RESPONSIBLE AND CONTAIN YOUR TRASH.
Eastover Town Council Meeting Tuesday, October 14, 2014
Redbud Tree: The Official Tree Of Eastover
Special Meeting of the Eastover Town Council
Mayor's Challenge

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Contact: Mayor Charles McLaurin
Phone: (910) 323-0707

POSTED: 14:23 EST Jul 27, 2008 / UPDATED: 14:23 EST Jul 27, 2008

Welcome to the Town Of Eastover

Welcome to a place where community spirit is a part of everyday lifeÖ..where people proudly remember their heritage, live with a genuine concern for their neighbors, and unite purposefully to create the future.

The Town of Eastover community is not just a place. Itís a feeling. Itís the feeling you have when driving along unhurried roads dotted with green pastures, farmland and small neighborhoods. Itís the feeling you have when you gather in one of Eastoverís churches or schools. Itís the feeling you enjoy when you simply lean over a fence to talk to a neighbor. The Town of Eastover just feels like home.

This web site gives you snapshots of life in the Town of Eastover and serves as a communications conduit to meet the information needs of our community. We invite you to share your comments and suggestions.



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